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Vincent Littlehat releases five-track EP “Another Land Below’”


The release is accompanied by an AI-generated music video for the track “How I Vibrate”

Vincent Littlehat Releases Five-Track EP "Another Land Below’"

Riding a wave of international acclaim with her recent singles ‘The Head of Knights’ and ‘Who Are You’, Berlin-based artist Vincent Littlehat continues her prolific career by releasing her EP “Another Land Below”.

Through her eponymous Littlehat Recordings label, the five-track EP features three new original singles: ‘How I Vibrate’, ‘Another Land Below’ and ‘Darkness Has Its Place’, which accompany the first two offerings that, together, deliver original, dynamic, and multi-faceted work.

Created together with award-winning German songwriters and producers Robert Koch and Kris Steininger, the EP sees Vincent open up all of her artistic creativity as she continues to challenge her audience with thought-provoking lyrics through beautiful compositional structures.

“These ideas have been a source of stability for me”

Regarding the release, Vincent comments, “My creative works express the personal ideas I have collected in moments of clarity between depressive and euphoric phases throughout my life.”

Further adds, “These ideas have been a source of stability for me in times of emotional turbulence. By presenting them in a creative way, through music and images, I return to the wise side of myself with more enthusiasm and relate my perspective to others.”

Accompanying the release is an AI-generated music video for ‘How I Vibrate’. The piece creates a digital reality from purposefully selected cues in order to provide a certain level of randomness; an essential element of its creation.

“How I Vibrate” reflects a nuanced creative process”

Speaking about the concept behind the new single and music video, Vincent explains:

“How I Vibrate reflects a creative process filled with nuance and the subtlety of less tangible forces. Emotions, thoughts, words, and actions impress themselves in our world and the awareness of this incorporates distance that can modify their flow and make them more deliberate.”

“However, not everything can be planned and all ingredients accurately measured. Significant modifying parameters are in play, coming from an unconscious field of possibilities and memories of everyone/everything involved.”

Vincent Littlehat Releases Five-Track EP "Another Land Below’"
“Another Land Below” EP Cover
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