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Synthemesc: “Playing at Sisyphos in Berlin marked my before and after”

“Music is a connecting tool like no other and should be harnessed and enjoyed”

Synthemesc Interview

With an extensive portfolio of releases on prominent US and European labels, Daniel Fernandez, better known as Synthemesc, is one of the most active growing figures of the techno scene in and out of Medellín. Today, we have the opportunity to get to know Daniel better and navigate through his influences, trajectory, styles, sets, releases, and more.

A diverse and exquisite musical journey has earned Daniel the #5 spot in his genre on Beatport and #83 on the platform’s global chart. Also, he has performed sets for Setsito, Flowing, The Oven ATX or the renowned Sisyphos // Hammahalle in Berlin. If you are just starting to dive into the electronic scene, Synthemesc’s final messages can be a great boost in your career.

Flowing Live Set

When did you start writing/producing music and who were your early influences?

I started playing guitar when I was twelve years old. I’ve been writing my own music since I was about 15. I have always been a rock fan, so I have many influences on that side, Pink Floyd, Soda Stereo, among many others. To this day I play several instruments.

In terms of electronic music, I started producing in 2017. One of the biggest influences in the electronic world has been the Romanian minimal scene by influence of my friends from BlackTone in Austin, Tx at that time. Electronic artists I like a lot are David August, Boris Brejcha, Mihigh, Mihai Pol, among many others.

But in general, my biggest influences are always the artists around me and the people I collaborate with. Reue and Sara Landry from Austin and now in Medellín, I really admire Mousin, Palau, Andrea Arias, and Valencia.

On a personal level, what were the main challenges in growing as an artist? Did the fact that you lived in different places have an impact?

Growth is always a challenge because change implies having to challenge your previous attitudes and knowledge and that is very difficult. But the power to reinvent yourself is the greatest gift we have as humans and artists.

And of course, starting over several times is never easy. But it has always brought as many challenges as it has benefits and opportunities. I wouldn’t change my musical trajectory to this day.

How would you describe your own development as an artist and the transition to who you are today musically?

My musical career has been very marked by my experience in different genres and I think that comes from a desire to explore everything that makes me feel strongly. It’s difficult to answer that question because it’s something I ask myself every day and even I don’t have a clear answer hahaha.

What I can say is that everything I do musically, I do it with a lot of passion. Nowadays, my brain is overflowing with techno and house ideas. And since that’s what makes me feel the strongest at the moment, that’s what I’m going to pursue.

Is there a particular instrument or technology that is your favorite for producing music?

I always say that of all the instruments I play, the laptop is the most important. And Ableton is the most effective and fun way to produce music.

Although your profile as a DJ covers different styles of electronic music, if you had to choose one style, which one would it be, and why?

In the electronic scene there is a phenomenon where artists are expected to stay within certain genres and for me that has always been a challenge because I love so many styles. But if I had to choose one at the moment, it would be hypnotic techno because it has all the elements of the most energetic music but it allows me to reach the levels of relaxation and focus that other genres like minimal allow me to achieve thanks to its very restrained arrangements. It’s a very contradictory genre and that’s why I love it.

Tell us about your recent set at Sisyphos // Hammahalle in Berlin, what was your experience? What were your feelings about being in one of the most important techno spots in the world?

In my techno career, that set marked my “before and after.”

The club itself is a spectacle. Inside, it’s like a little techno town hahaha with various stages, and points of interest. In essence, it’s very much like a stationary music festival. The stage I played is the Main Hall called Hammahalle and is a more industrial room with a dedicated light show and fireworks. The feeling of playing tracks that I did from home in front of 500+ techno fans in Berlin, the Mecca of techno is incomparable. The crowd didn’t stop dancing at any moment. It was unforgettable.

But the most important thing that night was the question it left me with which is “What else can I do?” That’s the only reason we’re talking about today.

Synthemesc – Live in Berlin – Sisyphos // Hammahalle

Right now, at this point in your career, which producers would you like to share the stage with? Either by lineup or B2B.

Setaoc Mass, Rodhad, Mihigh, Boris Brejcha and Jay Lumen. But last week I saw Stephan Bodzin, Sara Landry, Nastia, Sebastian Leger, and I choose them all!

You recently released the Entangled EP, how was the idea for its creation born?

“Entangled” is an EP that was born out of a pure desire to learn something new. In fact, the second song is called “Learnage” which is like a joking word for “learning.”

It also came out of a growing influence of heavier and darker genres living in Medellin where they like heavy music. To my delight, the EP found a home on Germany’s Sound Kleckse Records. I will also be recording a podcast for them next month.

Listen «Entangled» EP on Spotify

What surprises does Synthemesc have in store for us in 2023?

After the pandemic it was very difficult for me to get back to music. But 2022 was the year I got my momentum back. From my track “Oysters” on Denied Music reaching #5 in its respective genre and #83 worldwide on Beatport to playing in Berlin, and several releases in Europe and North America. I can confidently say that 2023 will be even better because I know that when I have the right attitude, I can achieve many things I set my mind to.

The first taste of the year will be my release with my collaborator Palau on the label Natura Viva from Italy. This label has released artists like Victor Ruiz and Tale of Us. And on January 13th they will be releasing our EP ‘Abyss’.

Beyond that, my goal is to tour Mexico and continue with international releases, particularly in Germany. And the truth is that I don’t even know what surprises await me for 2023 so we’ll see.

At this point in your career, in your trajectory, what message would you give to those who are just starting out in the electronic music industry?

I would say that as for everything, the most important thing is to proliferate sincere art. Whether it’s for fun or for passion, always put the music first. Music is a connecting tool like no other and should be harnessed and enjoyed.

I would tell anyone starting out not to overthink it. There are a thousand reasons not to do something. It’s just about finding the reason to DO do something and following it with the best energy. Art for art’s sake.

Listen to Synthemesc on Spotify
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