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Strom Festival returns to Berliner Philharmoniker in 2023


Marcel Dettman and Juan Atkins will be part of this new and awaited edition of Strom

After a sold-out debut in 2020, Strom Festival returns to the Berlin Philharmonie in 2023. It will be a second edition with two full nights of electronic music on February 3 and 4. Transcending rave frameworks to once again reside in a unique spatial environment, the venue will bring together guest artists who come from a wide range of sounds and who have moved beyond their core bases into different art forms and layers of technology or culture, expanding the scope of their respective genres or creating entirely new ones.

The Berliner Philharmoniker is one of Germany’s leading cultural institutions, an architectural landmark of the German capital and the European home of symphonic, lyrical and orchestral music. The great hall, designed by architect Hans Scharoun with the stage in the center and surrounded by seating on all sides, offers a unique acoustic environment and has served as a model for modern concert hall designs worldwide, and again, will be delivered to connect the iconic space with electronic music.

Lineup – Strom Festival 2023

Through its three stages, Strom will prodigiously distribute the various presentations that will take place. The Main Auditorium will feature the audiovisual set of one of the most important techno-conceptual artists, Wolfgang Voigt/GAS. Hauschka + Kai Angermann, and Robert Henke will bring their media archaeological work ‘CBM 8032 AV’. Members of the Berliner Philharmoniker will also be present and will be accompanied by Simon Stockhausen who, together, will perform the world premiere of transformed acoustix.

The foyer of the Berlin Philharmonic will be the venue for the arrival of Detroit techno founder Juan Atkins. Berghain’s eternal resident Marcel Dettman will be joined by Blawan with his AV-set, Nídia, upsammy and Stefan. Finally, the Hermann-Wolff-Saal will show the installation ‘The Trembling Line’ by Aura Satz, which amplifies the movements of acoustic instruments caused by the physics of sound.

Tickets – Strom Festival 2023

Tickets are now available. At the time of writing, day passes are activated. Prices start at €21.00 and are distributed according to the area of the venue. On the other hand, there are discounts for young people under 30 years old who can buy their passes through the ClassicCard application or directly in the web store using the U30-Ticket. For groups, you can purchase 4 tickets or contact tickets@berliner-philharmoniker for reservations for more people. Purchase your pass and get all the information here.

The 2023 edition of Strom Festival will be curated by Stefan Goldman, a collaborator of cultural institutions such as the Maerz-Musik Festival and Ensemble Modern. He has developed concert formats in venues such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Honen-in Temple in Kyoto. Now, he will connect all his mastery and creativity in the concert hall with classical music and electronic music.

Full Lineup – Strom Festival 2023
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