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Skrillex, Fred again.. and Four Tet detonate ‘Baby again..’


After making history with a 5-hour set at Madison Square Garden, Pangbourne House Mafia releases first collaboration

Skrillex, Fred again.. and Four Tet detonate 'Baby again..'

Following the line of great releases during the end of last year and the beginning of this 2023, Skrillex, Fred again.. and Four Tet detonate their first collaboration “Baby again..”, a sampled version of Lil Baby’s original ‘Baby’.

Created in the English village of Pangbourne, the single was sampled on different stages around the world, from its debut performance at Fred’s Boiler Room gig to the trio’s recent 5-hour set at Madison Square Garden.

This high-caliber release comes on the heels of Skrillex‘s “Dont Get Too Close” and “Quest For Fire” albums, Fred again‘s “Actual Life 3” LP… and remixes for Hagop Tchaparian and Four Tet‘s Ellie Goulding. The Brit’s remix for Goulding’s “Easy Lover” was nominated for a GRAMMY.

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Behind ‘Baby again..’

The three brilliant minds execute an impeccable sampling of dark notes that get engrossed in a labyrinth of tech house beats. The synthesized and distorted play of the vocals make this an instrumental element that reverberates in the mind while leaving short atmospheric moments in its wake.

Previously, Fred and Skrillex teamed up on tracks like ‘Rumble’ or ‘Turn On The Lights again…’. There are still many IDs from the so-called Pangbourne House Mafia waiting to be released and detonate the music scene again. Get your copy of ‘Baby Again…’ on Beatport.

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