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Simon Doty announces debut album “Universal Language” at Anjunadeep

First single ‘Soulflow’ featuring Ursula Rucker and the first phase of their global tour are now available

Simon Doty album "Universal Language"

After a spectacular 2022 full of releases and performances in various parts of the world, prolific Canadian producer Simon Doty has just announced the release of his debut album “Universal Language” via Anjunadeep and releases the first single “Soulflow” with Ursula Rucker.

The global release of the highly anticipated 10-part album will be April 28 and will feature top-notch collaborations with British duo My Friend, producer/vocalist ARTCHE, singers/songwriters Tailor, Ruth Royall, Roland Clark and Ursula Rucker.

A mainstay and fan favorite of Anjunadeep, Simon debuted on Above & Beyond’s label in 2019 with the single ‘Sama’; since then, he has built a prolific path on the label with 5 EPs to date and was part of the headliners at events such as Printworks, The Gorge, Gjipe in Albania, and more.

"Universal Language" by Simon Doty
“Universal Language” album cover

The concept behind “Universal Language”

In the words of the Canadian: “This album is made for the dance floor. It’s the story of rave culture, staying up late, getting up early and connecting with people through music. It’s also going to come out as a continuous mix and is meant to represent the range of music you can hear me play during a set.”

Doty has witnessed many comments from label bosses, artists and fans that dance music lacks groove right now, of which he shares the opinion. However, through “Universal Language” he tries to show people that club music can still be emotional and melodic.

The album through its ten tracks and its various collaborations offers a range of styles of the producer that include genres such as house, deep house, and melodic techno. Preserving the essence of his music and without fear of experimentation, this is one of Anjunadeep‘s best works this year.

Listen “Souflow” on YouTube

Behind “Soulflow”

When Doty mentions that the album is a reflection that groove emotions still prevail, he’s not lying. “Soulflow” features bases that electrify your skin, Ursula’s voice elevates your emotions and the desire to enter a trance is irremediable.

Layers of hard bases, delicate notes that unfold through the atmosphere, synthesized vocals and pauses that only make you want more, reinforce how powerful, energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring the single is.

The piece has already been endorsed by industry leaders such as Adam Beyer, Adriatique, Gorgon City and Hot Since 82, just to name a few. Longtime fans of Anjunadeep and lovers of the 90s house and rave scene are easy prey for this tremendous hit that we have no doubt will tear up the most emblematic clubs in the world.

“Universal Language” global tour

With more than 30 dates, the tour will kick off in February in North and South America before moving on to Europe and Asia. More dates will be announced later this year. You can find all the dates and buy your ticket through Simon Doty’s official website.

"Universal Language" world tour by Simon Doty
Dates for “Universal Language” world tour
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