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Scenarios collective and Paul Brenning release ‘Looking In The Sky’


Emanuel Satie, Maga, Tim Engelhardt, Sean Doron and Yulia Niko present their biggest release to date

With an impressive triad of acclaimed releases (“Here To Stay” EP, “Starlight” EP and ‘Disconnect’) since its founding in April, burgeoning underground house label Scenarios recruits Paul Brenning to release ‘Looking In The Sky’. A fourth musical offering that continues his enviable streak of top-notch studio production.

‘Looking In The Sky’ is the label’s first single featuring all five members of the collective (Emanuel Satie, Maga, Tim Engelhardt, Sean Doron and Yulia Niko). Scenarios is both a label and a collective of five artists united by their beliefs, dynamics and common perspective. They represent a new generation that functions as a whole, while still maintaining the individuality of each.

Behind ‘Looking In The Sky’

The lingering vocals of Brenning, who has collaborated with producers such as Re.You, Avantgart Talabot, Fennec & Wolf, and Myny, delivers everything we expect and demonstrate his innate ability to attach his lyrics with deep, emotive and intelligent electronics of the highest level by the five artists.

The collective on the other hand offers a sophisticated offering of emotions. Characterized by dynamic synth structures and a heady mix of pulsating four-to-four rhythms. The distinguished composition of Scenarios reveals the deep, melodic and club identity shining in the foreground, where six artists pull out all the stops with a new party weapon. Get your copy via Beatport.

Scenarios have taken the electronic music world by storm throughout 2022 with their intelligent, exquisitely crafted productions and instantly recognizable palette of sounds. Known worldwide for its unique underground energy and outstanding live performances, the collective has forged a deep, melodic sound all its own that is as organic and ethereal as it is experimental.

‘Looking In The Sky’
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