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SBTRKT announces first album in seven years, “The Rat Road”

In addition to the news, the British producer releases first single ‘Waiting’ with Teezo Touchdown

"The Rat Road" album by SBTRKT

Iconic figurehead of experimental sounds, SBTRKT, has just announced the release of his album “The Rat Road”. The first in seven years and the third in his prolific career which includes his eponymous 2011 LP, 2014’s “Wonder Where We Land”, and 2016’s “Save Yourself”.

Along with the news, Aaron Jerome (aka SBTRKT), has released the single ‘Waiting’ in collaboration with Teezo Touchdown. Together with ‘FORWARD’, track integrated to the album after being released in December last year, they project an album that will be completely different from what Aaron had us used to.

Talking about the LP, the Briton comments: “This album has been my most ambitious record sonically to create following my own musical path that is not based on other perceptions of what SBTRKT should be”. “The Rat Road” will be released next May 05th. Reserve your copy here.

New album, new destination

Music as experimentation and ethereal connection to one’s own sensory sound, fully describes SBTRKT‘s work. Together with his modern ceremonial masks designed by the eponymous designer “A Hidden Place”, the producer presents to society a different and ambitious proposal with each new album.

In 2010, just a year after starting his music career, SBTRKT gained popularity for singles such as ‘Wildfire’ alongside Little Dragon or ‘Lantern’ from the album – “Wonder Where We Land”. He has collaborated with Drake or A$AP Ferg, as well as remixed for Radiohead, Underworld, and more.

The wolf mask seems to be the representation in essence of everything to come with “The Rat Road.” As for the title, Aaron mentions, “It’s a play on the concept of ‘the rat race.’ It’s based in part on my own challenging experiences within the music industry and life in general, though I realized that the idea is not isolated from a much broader feeling of exhaustion.”

Behind “Waiting”

‘Waiting’ is notable for its clean piano that shelters between Teezo’s voice and a soft trombone simulation. Over an R&B beat, soothing beats deepen the nostalgic melodies it projects from start to finish, ending with Atari notes juxtaposed with a more ambient start.

Regarding ‘Waiting’, SBTRKT says: “I heard Teezo’s track “I’m just a fan” and asked him if he wanted to collaborate. As chance would have it, Teezo traveled to London the following week.”

“Although the lyrics were also personal to Teezo, they perfectly vocalized many of the feelings on the album and it was a moment when the album started to feel complete” – he adds.

"The Rat Road" album by SBTRKT
“The Rat Road” Cover
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