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Ryan Davis returns to Reflections with “Through The Mirror Glass” LP

Twelve film cuts showcase the German producer’s artistic growth

After debuting on Above & Beyond’s label with ‘Altitudes’, Ryan Davis returns to Reflections with “Through The Mirror Glass” album. A cinematic ode of twelve compositions loaded with reflective emotions that act as a sonorous space where fragile memories can be reflected and stored.

Ryan says his new album has existed in the form of an idea for a long time, most of his life, in fact. The album is inspired by the movies he saw growing up, with soundtracks by James Horner, Thomas Newman, Jóhann Jóhannsson and rhythms of electronic music.

Davis has wanted to connect the two ever since he started producing, so this album is his first full-length foray into cinematic electronic music. “Music is one of the freest forms of art. It’s a way of expressing yourself and communicating with people without having to say anything” – comment Ryan Davis.

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“Through the Mirror Glass” Album Cover

Behind “Through the Mirror Glass”

‘When At Night’ brings with it the calm you need as you walk through the forest and then ‘Waialeale’ revives hidden memories of a non-existent past. ‘Altitudes’ returns to add a necessary dynamism that reinforces the understanding of existence.

‘Anticipation’ comes off as a new beginning. The song’s title may suggest many things, but the emotions they produce in you do not change. ‘Remote’ reinforces the concept of melancholy and carries with it ‘Daffodils’ that create peace in the heart as the rhythms take over your senses.

‘Okawa’ is born on the horizon bringing with it a distressing atmosphere that creeps closer and closer until ‘Mekong’ shows up bright at the nearest point in the sky. It carries with it reflective breezes that stop with ‘Farallones’, a wonderfully sonorous single.

‘Atlas’ moves the clock’s handles as a play of piano notes envelops you in a turbine of thoughts that ‘Solstice’ manages to appease by detonating a harmony that refreshes the consciousness. ‘Anshin’ ends this journey as the leaves fall, the sun bids farewell, and dusk gives way to a new inner exploration.

Listen to “Daffodils” on YouTube

From Anjunadeep to Reflections

Davis teamed up with Anjunadeep for the first time in 2012 with a remix of Andrew Bayer’s catalog classic ‘Gaff’s Eulogy’. This led to a series of EPs showcasing the melodic, downtempo side to his artistry.

He’d long wanted to create a full-length project for Anjuna, so when Above & Beyond launched Reflections in 2022, Davis knew he’d found the perfect home for his next album.

Ultimately, Ryan Davis hopes ‘Through The Mirror Glass’ will act as a sonic space to reflect and hold fragile memories. The mirror glass is a way to look at yourself, and simultaneously look behind you, at what’s brought you to this point. Get your copy via Beatport.

“With electronic music I have access to a never-ending palette of sounds. This album has been inside me for ages, but computers just weren’t good enough. I didn’t know how to arrange notes to create an orchestra or to record a violin, but now Spitfire Audio has built these incredible samples. I have BBC One’s orchestra at my fingertips.” – Ryan Davis

Listen to “Through the Mirror Glass” on Spotify
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