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Rob Hes debuts on Purified with “Your Heart” EP


The double release includes collaborations with musicians such as Jordan Grace, Joey White and 2088

Presenting his raw and melodic sound to Purified Records, Dutch producer Rob Hes delivers his two-track EP “Your Heart” alongside 2088, Jordan Grace, plus Joey White.

Taking audiences on a journey through his raw, energetic and melodic sound environment, Rob Hes’ signature sound is instantly recognizable. Establishing his label Pursuit in 2018, he has also chartered a number of creations on other labels such as Bedrock, Renaissance, Spectrum, among others.

With a slew of new material ready for release, Rob Hes has hit the ground running in 2023, with upcoming releases This Never Happened and Days Like Nights, as well as his impressive debut on Nora en Pure‘s imprint.

Behind “Your Heart” EP

Setting a melancholic atmosphere, the title track is composed of rich instrumentals, striking synths and undulating basslines. Paving the way for Jordan Grace‘s soulful vocals, this creation will strike a chord with its listeners as it floats through a sublime soundscape.

Deepening on his collaboration with Joey White, ‘Interception’ enters a club dimension with raw energy, entrancing bass and synths that fill the room, finding its perfect home on Purified Records.

Nicolas Bernachea
Nicolas Bernachea

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