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Patrice Bäumel remixes WhoMadeWho’s “Never Alone”


Renowned Dutch German producer joins a host of artists to add their own version to the album “UUUU”

Following the release of their first collaboration in 2021, ‘Nefertari’ via Cercle Records, the hallowed Danish trio once again involves the renowned Dutch producer to breathe life into one of the most beloved singles from the “UUUU” album. Already considered one of the most sought-after releases of the year, Patrice Bäumel remixes WhoMadeWho’s “Never Alone” which already has the backing of world-class artists such as Hernan Cattaneo, Keinemusik, among others.

The last few months after the release of “UUUU” has been a real whirlwind for the band. The consecration of the LP within the electronic scene and the subsequent and most intense world tour to date, have led them to live one of the most prolific years of their outstanding career. Now, the Danes are looking to culminate the year by inviting emblematic figures to give particular touches to each single of the album. Among them, is the renowned producer and part of the Global Underground series: Patrice Bäumel.

Behind Bäumel’s version

True to his reputation, Bäumel’s remix is a masterclass from the get-go. Manipulating Tomas Hoffding’s receding vocals throughout the second half of the cut, the Dutchman’s heady amalgamation of rhythmic drum patterns and textured synths is utterly convincing as he creates a spooky house track that delivers from the first kick drum. Driven by deep bass lines and dynamic modulated melody lines. Get your copy via Beatport.

Regarding the remix, WhoMadeWho commented:

“We were imagining a phrase and a melody that would ultimately connect us with our concert audiences. A catchphrase that would make the audience feel good about themselves, their friends and the whole situation. We were driving home from a studio session by a local bridge called Dybbølsbro when Høffding came up with it all at once. He ran home and made a rough demo that became the version that the album is known for. But honestly, it only really took off when we got this amazing remix from Patrice Bäumel. It made the song fly, and now it’s one of the highlights of our shows!”.

“Never Alone (Patrice Bäumel Remix)”
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