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ODESZA releases remix series of “The Last Goodbye” album


DJ Seinfeld, Eli & Fur, Hayden James, and Parra for Cuva are some of the artists lending their creativity to one of the best albums of 2022

ODESZA releases "The Last Goodbye (remixes)"

Following the release of their fourth album last July 22nd, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight have embarked on a tour with impressive sold outs across the United States and Canada. Today, several months after the release of one of the best albums of 2022, ODESZA releases the remix series of “The Last Goodbye”.

First amalgamation of remixes was released last September 20 and featured the creativity of DJ Seinfeld, Devault, Eli & Fur, Gilligan Moss and Nils Hoffmann.

Recently, on February 08, the second set of remixes featuring Hayden James, Parra for Cuva, NASAYA, Joseph Ray, obli, Neil Frances, Hot Chip and Nosaj Thing was added.

Through Ninja Tune, each of the named producers add their diverse and creative musical identity to make “The Last Goodbye” an even more special album. Below is our review of each single.

"The Last Goodbye (remixes)" cover by ODESZA
“The Last Goodbye (remixes)” cover by ODESZA

DJ Seinfeld, DEVAULT and Gilligan Moss

Armand Jakobsson better known as DJ Seinfeld kicks off the new compilation with his own version of his signature track: ‘The Last Goodbye’. Through deep house sounds, the Swede gives a more dance twist to the track where Bettye LaVette’s vocals are choppily spread throughout the song.

The Gilligan Moss duo joins in with their remix for ‘Forgive Me’. Need something upbeat? Let yourself be enchanted by catchy bases and scattered chords that, together with Izzy Bizu’s beautiful voice, will give you an entertaining day.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for adrenaline and a boost before going out to rave, you’ll surely find it in DEVAULT‘s remix of ‘Wide Awake’. In our opinion, one of the best on the LP.

Nils Hoffman and Eli & Fur

Arriving after recently releasing his album “A Radiant Sign”, the young German producer Nils Hoffmann shows his mastery with emotionally charged riffs through ‘Equal’. A single that will not leave you indifferent.

Reverberating organs, embedded claps, addictive basses. All this, together with Låpsley’s voice, makes this composition, something unique.

Los Angeles-based Anjunadeep mainstay producers Eli & Fur add another prodigious remix to their portfolio with their own version of ‘The Last Goodbye’. Once again, deep house takes over the catalog.

But this time, through slower BPMs, perfect for a night of pleasure. The drops do nothing but immerse you in a sonorous climate.

Hayden James, Parra for Cuva, NASAYA, and Joseph Ray

The second journey begins with Hayden James adding his own version to “The Last Goodbye” with acids that move through explosive tech house terrain.

Juno’s creator, Frenchman Parra for Cuva, projects the folk electronica that evokes his style, bringing an air of naturalness to “Light Of Day”. Choppy vocals, loops and piano notes pierce your heart and bring you serenity as you listen.

Suddenly, breaks take over the series thanks to NASAYA, who takes control of “Equal” where he plays with Låpsley’s voice and adds notes that fill every second of the song with intensity.

NERO producer Joseph Ray lends slow progressions and sweet melodies to “This Version Of You”, where he also empowers Julianna Barwick’s voice to enter our consciousness as if it were a moment of meditation.

Neil Frances, obli, Hot Chip, and Nosaj Thing

obli opens the other side of the second series with his version of “Love Letter”. The artist shows his skills with sound experimentation where distortions and a string simulator intertwine to lead the piece to stimulate terrains.

Neil Frances, for his part, models the original approach of “North Garden” to delineate it with punchy basslines, retro synths, and breaks drenched in charm.

The electronica comes with Hot Chip that has no problem in giving a 360° turn to “Wide Awake”. The remix is addictive from start to finish both for its sonic palette and for its mix-and-match game which makes it one of the best remixes of the series.

It all ends with Nosaj Thing capturing “This Version Of You” in a sensual deep house cell where the underground reverberations take us on a trip to the most exclusive parties of a decade ago. A real walk through time.

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