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Nina Kraviz celebrates love with her new single “tarde”


For Nina, there is no better language to talk about love than Spanish

Nina Kraviz release "tarde"

Perfect accompaniment for a date as special for many as February 14th, Nina Kraviz celebrates love with you with her new single “tarde”.

The interest and exploration of Spanish shines through in this new release from the Russian producer and artist, which precedes her previous track “hace ejercicios”. Although this time, Nina applied what she learned by lending her own voice to “trade”.

“I recorded “tarde” in my room in 2020. Recording it felt very intimate and I was waiting for the right moment to release it. This song is about love. The kind of love that is so strong it could almost break you. The love that feels bad but makes you love even more.”

Behind ‘Tarde’

The five-minute piece is explored through synthesized bases that could perfectly be taken for a hard techno piece. Although it features a low BPM that is maintained from start to finish, the steady notes cohere perfectly with Nina’s voice.

For her, there is no better language to sing about love than Spanish. Kraviz whispers in your ear that she ‘wants to give you love before it’s too late’. The softness and sensuality of her intonation manage to unsettle even the most serene soul.

“tarde” is marked as a prelude before the arrival of his next album still without name and landing date of which we already know two previously released singles that manifest his musical exploration for pop: “Skycrapers” and “This Time”, which feature remixes by artists such as Solomun and Four Tet.

“tarde” cover by Nina Kraviz
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