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Massane releases the sixth and final EP of summer series “Visage”


Through This Never Happened, the French producer says goodbye to summer with this outstanding series

Massane Visage 6 EP Cover Review

A creator of melodic house sounds rich in textures inspired by a wide range of styles, the French producer is one of the most prolific on the scene. After a successful season and in the midst of a US tour including venues such as Red Rocks, Massane releases the latest EP of his summer series “Visage”.

This second compilation comes after two years. In 2020, the producer presented the first three Visage EPs that boast over 4 million plays on streaming platforms. Now, through Lane 8’s This Never Happened label, he releases the sixth part of Visage titled “Never Loved”. The EP joins the other two released this year as Visage 5 (Floating) and Visage 4 (By My Side). Listen to them below.

Massane "Visage" EP 6
Visage EP (Never Loved) Cover

Visage 4 (By My Side)

Visage 4 brings with it possibly the most successful track of the series: ‘By My Side’, featuring MAGNUS. Released on July 12, it’s a nostalgic track with a stunning vocal. Warm but very emotional. ‘Goodbye on Pine Alley’ on the other hand, is engrossed in upbeat harmonies with distorted loops that play nicely with the motivational atmosphere in the background. ‘Wintry Wind’ on the other hand, reinforces Massane’s piano prowess. A perfect piece for moments of reflection.

Visage 5 (Floating)

Visage 5 landed on August 2nd. It features a spectacular cover and three mesmerizing singles. Strongly emotional in traits and scattered throughout the personal story, ‘Acceptance’ is a beautiful introduction with no rhythm beats to distort its purpose. ‘Floating’ meanwhile, features flashes of guitar strings that magically bloom and take us on a journey through time. ‘One Sided’ on the other hand, features several layers of thumping beats along with melodic riffs that transport you to the most magical place you’ve ever known.

Visage 6 (Never Loved)

Released this August 30, “Visage 6” features 3 tracks. The first one, ‘Never Loved’, is a piece with addictive beats and synthesized melodies that reflects some notes from the south of France. ‘Isolation’ on the other hand, features nostalgia-laden riffs with a pause in the middle of the song that prepares us for a game of feelings. ‘After Us’ on the other hand, moves under a slower tempo with synthesized bursts that make the piece, a beautiful masterpiece. Get it through Beatport. Link here.

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