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Marsh releases his long awaited album “Endless” on Anjunadeep

Simon Doty, Jodie Night, Leo Wood and Mariel Beausejour collaborate with Tom on this, his third studio LP

With influences as diverse as the rich trance sounds of the 2000s that marked his adolescence and the crossover musicality of drum & bass acts like Pendulum, the Brit’s next offering is his most wide-ranging yet. Two years after releasing “Lailonie”, Marsh releases his long-awaited third album “Endless” via Anjunadeep.

The new compilation by Tom Marshall (AKA Marsh), will follow his two previous works: “Life On The Shore” from 2017 and “Lailonie” from 2020, which to date has accumulated more than 20 million streaming plays. In total, there are 11 pieces that add to the outstanding catalog of the Briton from which stand out tracks such as ‘Come Together’, ‘Lost In You, ‘Little Darling’, among others.

“I’ve written this whole album on the move, writing from many different homes. On a deeper, spiritual level, this has led me to ask myself, what is home really, and will we experience home after this life?” – Marsh

“Endless” album cover

Tom Marshall: a prolific career

Few artists exude as much passion and dedication to their craft as Tom. Since emerging on the scene in 2016, he has sculpted a unique and soulful sound that has captivated his listeners and earned him an increasingly intense fan base.

His essence brings together the ingredients of trance music, progressive, melodic house and techno, deep house, and more. After his debut on Anjunadeep with ‘Black Mountain’ in 2018, the producer’s career took off to a new level with such fascinating results that we enjoy today.

Printworks, Watergate, The Gorge, Tomorrowland, Luminosity, Tulum or The Brooklyn Mirage are just a few of the electronic music meccas that saw Marshall illustrate with his sound.

Today, he is one of the mainstays of Above & Beyond‘s label and his music has been endorsed by renowned figures such as Joris Voorn, Pete Tong, Diplo, Armin van Buuren and RÜFÜS DU SOL, to name a few.

Listen “Best of Marsh” on Anjunadeep

Details of “Endless”

The third album consists of 11 memorable pieces including collaborations with Jodie Knight, Leo Wood, Mariel Beausejour and Simon Doty. You can find in “Endless” all the inspirational richness and vast experience of Marsh.

Opening with the subtle first track “Pneuma”, the album moves from the emotive and lyrical, on tracks like ‘Sleep’ and ‘Forgiveness’, to the piano melodies on ‘Reminiscent’ and the smooth broken rhythms of ‘Blue’. The album, will be their most wide-ranging and interesting proposal to date.

Regarding this launch, Marsh commented:

“Somehow over the last year and a half, between the busiest year of touring I’ve ever experienced and moving every three months with Madilyn’s travel nursing career, I’ve managed to write an entire album from kitchen countertops, living rooms, home theaters, hotel rooms, airplanes (wherever I could find space). I truly hope this new album brings you love, joy and peace wherever you are on this roller coaster that is life.”

Listen ‘Touch The Sky’ on Anjunadeep

The strength of ‘Touch The Sky’

‘Touch The Sky’ not only opens the doors to “Endless” but also brings together two Anjunadeep favorites: Simon Doty and Marsh. The first collaborative single together. The track has been tested on dance floors around the world and was played by the two at the ABGT500 Los Angeles celebration in front of over 12,000 people.

Want to know the story behind ‘Touch The Sky’? Here’s what Simon Doty had to say about it:

“It was June 2021, I had just made my move to Toronto The first place I moved to was in the Junction and I ended up being there less than 2 weeks because I was getting noise complaints. I ended up doing a track at that place which at the time I called “High”. I played it as part of my Lake Ontario set and ended up having a lot of people asking about the track. I sent it to a couple of DJ friends of mine to play it, one of whom was Marsh. We both played it a lot and every few months Tom would ask me what I was doing with the track and I would say “I’m not sure”, I had enough music ready to be released so I had it forgotten about. Then earlier this year Tom asked me to send him the parts so he could put his stamp on it. The end result is what you know now.”

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