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Lars Huismann releases energic EP “Sounds From the Past II”


The German producer returns to Mutual Rytm with 6 killer dub tracks

After appearing as one of the artists on SHDW & Obscure Shape’s V/A release label where he also released his debut EP in April, Lars Huismann returns to Mutual Rytm with the energetic EP “Sounds From the Past II” from which he unfolds 6 mesmerizing dub pieces that have already garnered a lot of worldwide support. This second compilation belongs to the Sounds From the Past trilogy that in a few months will present its last installment on the same label.

The Berlin-based producer is fast becoming a household name in the modern techno scene. With releases on iconic labels such as Somma de Slam, 09RECORDINGS, Animal Farm or Voxnox, the LHR boss brings a rich techno approach with a musical identity influenced by the “golden years” of the genre. His elaborate and prodigious production technique has earned him to be recruited by SHDW & Obscure Shape‘s premiere label and deliver Mutual Rytm‘s second official release: MR002.

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Behind “Sounds From the Past II” EP

Six fresh tracks receive this new proposal from Huismann. The EP is opened by ‘Sounds From The Past II’, an action-packed piece that fuses his typical undulating rhythms with hazy melodies and high-tension atmospheric discharges. ‘Propulsion’, on the other hand, is inspired by its title and contains precise drum beats, echoing background vocals and tunnel rhythm that take the track to the heart of the action.

Side B1 features ‘Loucura’ who brings a mesmerizing percussive session with frenetic organic drumming alongside resonant brass melodies that give way to an unbridled party. ‘Stroke’ on the other hand, emerges under its own momentum where spurts of emotion inject dynamism and excitement to the compilation. It brims with impulses and drives everything into a restless and fascinating journey into another dimension.

‘Dub Division’

‘Nudge’ opens the last side. A proposal armed with strong kicks, fast synthesizers and a more subtle vocal work. Finally, comes ‘Dub Division’, a digital-only piece that brings dubby chords and upbeat hi-hats to masterfully close the show. Normally they might make up a longer series, but their EP version establishes it within the techno landscape and couples Lars Huismann’s genuine and exquisite musical inspiration.

SHDW & Obscure Shape‘s Mutual Rytm label continues to grow, and with it, the arrival of impressive producers who bring quality and uniqueness to the German label. Aside from Lars, the Mutual family already boasts the presence of artists such as Chlär, Alarico, and Chontane. It is clear the strong vision that the DJ couple has with their own label, so in the following months, we will see the arrival of increasingly impactful developments. Get the “Sounds From the Past II” EP via Beatport.

EP “Sounds From the Past II”
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