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Juan Hansen lands on MEIOSIS with “Higher” EP


After making history on the Tale of Us label, the Argentine producer and composer makes his solo debut on the Berlin label

Juan Hansen lands on MEIOSIS with EP "Higher"

With a string of successful releases on Afterlife, All Day I Dream, Bedrock, Human by Default and Balance Music, as well as a successful world tour last year, Juan Hansen lands on MEIOSIS with the “Higher” EP.

Released now via MEIOSIS Records, the two-part EP marks Hansen’s inaugural solo outing on the burgeoning Berlin-based label, which follows his critically acclaimed releases as part of the electronic group FORMA, “Hollow” EP and “The Peak” EP, in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

The prolific Argentinean producer, composer, celebrated recording artist, and live act is positioned among an elite group of artists who comfortably span multiple musical reference points, fusing electronics, analog instrumentation, and organic soundscapes with remarkable skill.

Behind “Higher” EP

Opening the EP with the absorbing title track ‘Higher’, its robust broken beats and warped textures are perfectly complemented by ethereal samples and subtle vocal drops, with a series of mind-bending arpeggiated synth lines forming the backbone of the tripped-out narrative.

Taking things down a notch for the carefully considered ‘Irreplaceable’, Argentinian’s signature amalgamation of restrained drum patterns and textured synths is utterly compelling as he concocts a lo-fi house track that delivers from the get-go.

Driven by refined rhythms and dynamic synth lines, ‘Irreplaceable’ is complete with a live video, recorded in front of the sea in Tulum. Recreating the track, live, Juan’s unparalleled musicianship and creativity shines through as he adds another majestic musical masterpiece to his impressive catalog.

“My Higher EP represents the union of two tracks”

Speaking about the upcoming EP, Juan Hansen commented:

“My Higher EP represents the union of two tracks that show two very different sides of my musical palette. ‘Irreplaceable’ was born from a live improvisation and was composed entirely in a hotel in Tulum, while the title ‘Higher’, is a much more emotional track for me.”

“It came from an idea that got lost on a hard drive a while ago, which I recently rediscovered and brought back to life. When I listened to the first sketch again, I identified with the lyrics in a brand new way and the rest of the song took on a whole new meaning for me. Keeping it simple was essential to make the song have a clearer message” – adds.

Juan Hansen lands on MEIOSIS with EP "Higher"
“Higher” Cover EP
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