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Jeremy Olander makes his Watergate debut with “Silius” EP


The new three-part cut from the prominent Swedish producer includes a remix by Alfa Romero

EP "Silius" by Jeremy Olander

After a long hiatus of over a year without releasing new material, the renowned Swedish producer returned to his label, Vibrant, to delight us with the summer single ‘Murphy’. Just months later and paving the way for 2023, Jeremy Olander makes his Watergate debut with the ‘Silius’ EP. The short three-cut compilation includes a remix by Afterlife duo Alfa Romero.

Olander’s new material now falls on Watergate Records, the powerful German label that was recently inaugurated 6 years ago but in its legacy, shares a partnership with the legendary German club of the same name and since its inception, has been at the forefront of house and techno and has paved the way for artists such as Jimi Jules, Solomun and Butch. Next up, it seems, will be Jeremy Olander.

The Swede, for his part, comes prepared for winter after his remarkable shows at Stockholm’s City Hall, Cordoba’s Alsina Palace and Melbourne’s Piknic √Člectronik. So the chances for Olander fans like you and me to be mesmerized not only by his great shows but also by his new releases remain high.

Behind each “Silius” single

The title track, which has the same name as the EP, is a dark and sinister record. With an arrangement similar to a traditional intro-style track, it has received early support from the likes of Adriatique and shows the versatility of his abilities as a producer. Next, ‘Graincluster’ takes over with a delicate lead melody that contrasts with a vicious kick drum and menacing FX details, making for a stunning listening experience.

Finally, ‘Silius’ arrives again, but now under the dominance of Alfa Romero, who brings dynamism and seduction to the original cut. Following his faithful style, a pure organ comes into action with force and hits the heart and then begins to flash beautiful chords and addictive buzzes during the last part of the song.

Olander’s new creation refuses to be pigeonholed into any genre, it is a project that breaks the rules and maintains an element of surprise throughout. With elements of epic soundtracks, 90’s trance and a hint of Pryda heritage, the 35 year old Swede continues to push boundaries and create his own stylistic niche that separates and elevates him as an artist. Purchase your copy of the “Silius” EP via Beatport.

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