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Genish debuts on TAU with “Like A Dream” EP


Israeli producer makes his Adana Twins label debut with this release

This year, TAU continues to build on last year’s vibrant energy with Israeli producer Genish’s first release of the year with his “Like A Dream” EP featuring two top-notch singles now available through Beatport.

Hailing from Tel Aviv, the artist embodies that funky Middle Eastern spirit, combining a global perspective with local influences to create a fascinating sound. His music has been signed to labels such as Multi Culti, Blue Shadow, and his exemplary skills are showcased on this two-track release.

Listen “Like A Dream” on Spotify

Behind ‘Like A Dream’ EP

First we encounter the title track which features dense drum programming and distinct percussion that sets the beat nicely. It introduces a galloping bass line along with a chopped vocal. Middle Eastern flavors seep in, complementing the vocals perfectly.

On the other hand, comes “Drum Spell”. As the title suggests, this one has some lively slaps thanks to the punchy drum work. A nasty menacing B-line comes into play and gives us all a reason to wear a grimace on our faces.

A mesmerizing melody cascades over the bass end, juxtaposed with shifting frequencies. The completely eerie second half includes whispered vocals, bass line and melody that combine to create a mesmerizing symphony of chilling vibes.

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