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Elif returns to Stil Vor Talent with three-track “Letting Go” EP


Following the release of ‘Juno’ and ‘Entanglement’, Barcelona-based producer returns to German label to make history

It’s been quite a prolific start to the year for the Turkish producer. Following the release acclaimed remix “A Little Fun” by Husa & Zeyada on IAMHER, Elif is back at it again with the release of her three-part EP “Letting Go” via Stil Vor Talent.

The EP marks the artist’s long-awaited return to the long-running German label, following her contributions to the VA “Stil Vor Talent 300” in 2021 with ‘Juno’, and for the label’s “15 Years” compilation with ‘Entanglement’ in 2020.

In the studio and behind the decks, Elif’s talents are clear for all to see and hear, and her rapid rise along with the worldwide acclaim is so well deserved. As both a storyteller and a performer, this is just the beginning for a new season of great feats.

Behind “Letting Go” EP

Opening the EP with ‘Let Go’, Elif joins forces with German duo Stil & Bense for an emphatic debut collaboration. Layers of industrial synths and intricate beats combine with rolling basslines, intermittent vocal drops and wavelengths until you get to the mind-bending breakdown.

Next, the artist turns down the intensity for a more playful second single, ‘Sombre’. Created with his production partner, Gespona, the pair play with melody, texture, and tonality throughout the seven-minute cut, cultivating a unique sonic palate that explores a variety of minimal and subterranean timbres.

The finale comes with ‘On My Own’, where she takes the reins for an aptly titled closer. A dynamic solo offering delivered by an artist whose creativity in the studio seems to know no bounds. Rolling rhythms, shuffling beats and warped synths shine front and center.

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Nicolas Bernachea

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