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Cristoph releases his multifaceted and explosive EP “FaCet Vol.1”


With this release, the British producer debuts his new musical concept “FaCet”

Cristoph releases his multifaceted and explosive EP "FaCet Vol.1"

Placing a new cornerstone on Consequence Of Society, his prodigious record label, Cristoph releases the explosive EP “FaCet Vol. 1” that projects the British producer’s diverse musical styles, genres and influences.

2023 returns the Newcastle-born producer to the top of the electronic music scene. After recently making his mark with releases such as ‘Turning Away’ alongside Ross Quinn and ‘Lucid Love’ with LOWES, he now releases his new musical concept “FaCet” with seven high-impact tracks.

To Cristoph: “The concept around this release is to showcase my music across different genres. The word ‘facet’ means ‘one side of something many-sided’, and I believe this release reflects that in the tracks I have chosen. I’m constantly pushing myself to go to the next level, and ‘FaCet’ is just the start of what’s to come.”

Behind the explosive “FaCet Vol.1” EP

‘Saints & Sinners’ opens this journey exclusively to show us why the Briton is one of the greatest exponents of progressive house music. At minute 04:18, you will lose control of your body, and you will make that moment one of the most euphoric of your life.

‘Trigger’ maintains the intensity from start to finish, a scratchy synth-based sound manages to unsettle your mind while hard and thin bases place the boundaries of each movement. ‘Seize’ shows rawness with its sinister melodic base, which overpowers everything around it.

‘The Music’ shows the other side of the artist, one dedicated to tech house. Flirtatious sparkles, addictive bases and a voice-over with modulated lyrics delight the most select listeners of electronic music.

“Each release of FaCet is part of a journey”

The deep house side of the Briton is represented by ‘You’, a single loaded with sounds that travel at the speed of light. ‘Swoon’, on the other hand, features imposing organs that spread throughout the song and culminate at minute 05:20 with one of the most fascinating progressive house melodies you’ve ever heard.

Finally comes ‘The Curse’. Like ‘Seize’, it explores the depths of raves and corrupts innocent souls with its thick layers of distortion. The producer’s sonic multifacetedness is commendably represented in this piece.

In Cristoph’s words: “Each release of FaCet is part of a journey, in the same way, my sets bring people on a journey when I DJ. Producing music in different genres allows me to open up as an artist and ‘FaCet’ is an example of this. It gives me the opportunity to grow and evolve as an artist, while at the same time, it challenges me to advance my production techniques.”

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