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Chlär debuts on Mutual Rytm with EP “Optimized Grooves”


The young Swiss releases his first EP on SHDW and Obscure Shape’s label

chlar optimized grooves cover article

After releasing on Lobster Theremin and his own label Bipolar Disorder, prolific producer Chlär debuts on SHDW and Obscure Shape’s Mutual Rythm with the “Optimized Groove” EP. In total, there are six tracks he drops on the German pair’s burgeoning label.

With this release, Chlär continues to show why he is the much sought-after up-and-comer in the techno scene. Combining dynamic performances with three and four-deck mixes with his own productions, the young Swiss has become a respected name among his peers.

In Chlär’s own words:

“As the name suggests, ‘Optimized grooves’ is a collection of tracks designed to match specific parts of the event/night. From ‘Night Genesis’ at the origin of the night to tracks like ‘Peak Performance’, a maximum time bomb, and ‘Spirit Enhancer’, an uplifting and warm production that elevates individuals to higher labels after hours of spiritual connection”

Behind every element of “Optimized Grooves”

This offering kicks off with ‘Early Morning Acceleration’, the single will immerse you in a looping journey through scurrying hats and boisterous arrangements, combining classic influences with avant-garde touches to reveal a dynamic slice of techno. Next up, ‘Maximum Performance’ fuses swelling basslines, sharp percussion and vibrant leads, while ‘Love Blaster’ delivers an all-out party armed with rolling drums, sharp whistles and rich chords.

Moving on to the second part, ‘Night Genesis’, features hypnotic looped vocals balanced with harsh effect beats and luminous synths, while ‘Spirit Enhancer’ showcases a soulful journey as resonant electronics work around the groove of the track. The digital EP comes with an exclusive bonus production in ‘Synaptic Discussion’, a euphoric and punchy closer that brings things to a firm end at peak time. Enjoy and purchase the EP via Bandcamp, link here.

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Nicolas Bernachea

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