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Burning Man: all facts about the event in the desert this 2022

After two years, iconic music and art event returns to Nevada desert

Burning Man 2022 Article Cover

Every year, the western United States is given to Black Rock City, which build a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada called by its inhabitants ‘The Beach’. The so-called “burners” are in charge of bringing back life through the spiritual and social connection between art, religion, and music.

Although the event was canceled the previous two years due to confinement policies, Burning Man returns this 2022. Below, find out the dates, tickets, and artist lineup for this enigmatic venue for this edition.

But first, what is Burning Man?

Contrary to popular belief, Burning Man is NOT a music festival. Nor is it a for-profit organization like any other company. The organizers of the event define it as “a festival of self-expression, where through freedom and art, you can live a multicultural and spiritual experience.

Held since 1986, BM is characterized as a place where money does not exist. Barter takes its place and anyone can bring their own art and exhibit it. There are no official stages either. Any artistic organization can participate and carry out its own communion. The only official acts that the event has are the ritual burning of the Burning Man and the Temple.

Burning Man Picture Article 2
Burning of the Burning Man Temple | One of only two official events

What will be the theme of Burning Man 2022?

This year, the event will be called “Waking Dreams”. From this concept, it seeks to explore the transformative power of both literal and figurative dreams. And it will celebrate dreamers who channel their energies through different revealing yet surreal ways.

Quite an interesting proposal that will be the background for all the wonderful events that will take place in a few days. After all, what is Black Rock City if not a collective manifestation of the community’s dreams?

burning man picture article 4
Burning Man 2022 theme
burning man picture article 3
Burning Man 2022 Official Cover

Burning Man 2022 – Dates and Location

Burning Man will take place from August 28th to September 5th at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada in the United States. In 2020 and 2021 the event could not take place, so this year, we are facing the return of the “burners” to La Playa and along with them, the different artistic expressions that in a few weeks we will be able to know.

How many burners will they manage to gather? We don’t know at the moment. In 2019 they broke the record of having more than 78,850 people. And as this year most music festivals got more attendees than ever, we expect no less from one of the most important and increasingly recognized Burning Man.

Burning Man Picture Article 1
Burning Man gathered more than 78,850 in 2019

Mayan Warrior – Lineup

The artistic organization based in Mexico and California presents one of the most ambitious lineups. Throughout the 6 days, they will deploy renowned producers such as Patrice Bäumel, Monolink, Jan Blomqvist, Keinemusik conformed by &ME, Adam Port and Rampa, Christian Löffler, and the expected B2B between Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano. In the image the whole line-up.

burning man lineup 2022 1.1
Mayan Warrior Full Lineup | Burning Man 2022

Opulent Temple – Lineup

Opulent is not far behind and has among its ranks representatives of different genres. The most symbolic is undoubtedly Carl Cox who will be accompanied by the figure of the moment, John Summit. Diplo returns for the thousandth time to La Playa. In addition, he will have a B2B with Vintage Culture.

Other figures that we can’t fail to highlight are Above & Beyond, Gabriel & Dresden, and Infected Mushroom. The complete list is below.

burning man lineup 2022 1.2
Opulent Temple Full Lineup | Burning Man 2022

Playground x Arrival Stage – Lineup

Another outstanding line-up arrives under Playground which also presents a diverse roster. Carl Cox, Charlotte de Witte B2B Enrico Sangiuliano, Yulia Niko, Jonas Saalbach, DJ Tennis and Guy J B2B Eli Nissan are part of this lineup.

burning man lineup 2022 1.3
Playground Arrival Full Lineup | Burning Man 2022

Playground x Dune Lounge – Lineup

Playground’s second group is led by Carl Cox along with GoldfishOliver Koletzki, and Yulia Niko. The complete list is below.

burning man lineup 2022 1.4
Playground Dune Full Lineup | Burning Man 2022

Burning Man 2022 – Tickets

OMG tickets are currently available for sale starting at $575. All ticket information and inquiries can be made through this link. Although Black Rock City is not a for-profit organization, ticket sales are one of the few ways to finance itself so that the world can continue to enjoy what is happening at La Playa.

Prospective attendees must undergo a COVID testing process. Burners must show proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter the event. BM also has an insurance exchange program (STEP). We invite you to log on to the official website of the artistic NGO and delve into everything they have in store for this year. Link here.

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