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BONDI unveils ‘Turning Blind’ on his new label JUNA POLY


The single is the first to be taken from his upcoming debut album “Space Logic” in 2023

BONDI Releases Turning Blind

‘Turning Blind’ featuring Jacob Drescher, is the new single from German multi-instrumentalist producer BONDI via his newly launched label JUNA POLY. It is also the first official single from his upcoming debut album “Space Logic”. The track tells a story of emancipation and soul liberation, melancholic and progressive at the same time.

The song is a slow-burning folk ballad with hints of introspective deep house, it unfolds as a dream sequence of a road trip from motel to motel, searching for meaning in a world that seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into virtual quicksand.

New label and next album on the way

Creating an immersive headspace bordered by ethereal indie-pop, desert psychedelia and bass-boosted EBM bursts, BONDI guides his listener at the intersection of languid California squares, genre-boundless electronica and cinematic vibe that broadens the scope.

After a series of critically acclaimed EPs, singles and remixes, BONDI’s long-awaited debut album “Space Logic” will finally see the light of day in early 2023. Composed with an array of versatile voices and talents at his side, this first album from the German producer takes us to ambiguous, sun-filled places, as jagged and chaotic as its primordial rhythm, yet continuously guided by light and melody through these rugged reliefs.

Speaking about the single, the label launch and the upcoming album announcement, BONDI commented:

“I am very excited to share my vision and what has developed over the past few months. I’ve met so many amazing artists and singers who have been involved in the creation of this album. It feels like a beautiful collage of sounds deeply connected to my emotions. Forming my own label JUNA POLY was the next logical step for me. Now I’m more than happy to be able to draw a bigger storyline to showcase my evolution and crossover between electronic house music and indie-pop singer-songwriter.”

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