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BONDI releases his debut album “Space Logic”

Out now via JUNA POLY, the German producer releases his impressive LP full of top-notch collaborations

After a series of acclaimed EP’s, Bondi’s long-awaited debut album ‘Space Logic’ has finally been released. Composed in collaboration with versatile vocals and talents such as Jacob Drescher, Save The Kid, Cile, Sinus, and Charlotte Colace.

Creating an immersive headspace bordered by ethereal indie-pop, desert psychedelia and bass-driven EBM blasts, Bondi guides his listener at the intersection of languid California squares, genre-blurring electronica, and suitably cinematic vitality that expands the scope.

This first full-length work by the German producer takes us to sun-dripping but ambiguous places as irregular and chaotic as its primordial rhythm, yet continually guided through these rugged reliefs by light and melody.

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“Space Logic” album cover

Behind the “Space Logic” album

The opening track, ‘Turning Blind’ featuring Jacob Drescher, works a typically hybrid seam of bass-fueled folk that lays back against a road trip-ready chug, smooth and dynamic in equal measure.

Traveling backwards to the 80’s, ‘In My Mind’ alongside Save The Kid unfurls a friendlier cosmic setting, primed for hi-NRG boogie sessions in the basement, while ‘What If’ with Cile on vocals shifts gears into candied, synth-sprinkled pop to convincingly romantic effect.

Rekindling the flame after their successful first collaboration (‘Head Over’), ‘Rosanne’ sees Bondi and Sinus dish out a superbly integrated slab of late summer folk music, doped with muscular bass and fluttering guitars.

Behind the “Space Logic” album (Part. 2)

Forging a distinct sequence on the album, ‘Stay Runaway’ featuring Charlotte Colace’s vocals intertwines elements of Torrini, a sludge and dank Massive Attack-style trip-hop ambiance that they emulate beautifully as they develop their own intrinsically sensual grammar.

Another collaborative effort alongside Berlin-based Italian artist Save The Kid, ‘Crystallized’ flexes muscles and rises seamlessly from almost tribal polyrhythms to the abstraction of its notes. ‘Concrete Ground’ meanwhile, arrives alongside Cile who elevates to the upper, more uplifting layers of dream pop.

‘Stuck in a Blue Moon’ brings back Jacob Drescher. The two recreate a ballad-tempo anthem, evolving into a club-ready weapon at some point, making it the perfect companion for transitional states on the dancefloor.

Listen «Concrete Ground» on YouTube

“Being in the studio every day and not touring gave me the freedom to find myself and my sound again”

The album’s most unique song, the title track, ‘Space Logic’, lures us on a post-Andalusian, half-Balearic escapist track, with its processed riffs and minimal rotation on a space odyssey tip, before the final number.

Finally, comes ‘I Need You To Hear Me’ from Drescher where he explores an extra syncopated note with its retro vibe and hip swagger, letting the pressure out with the kind of languid, carefree charm that will realign your chakras like nothing else.

Regarding the album release, BONDI commented:

“Words can’t describe how I’m feeling right now, slightly overwhelmed indeed! This project started during another winter lockdown last year in a period of my life, where I didn’t really know what to expect from being an artist, my sound vision and what to do with Bondi in general. But the daily routine kept me going and I had such a drive to create. Being in the studio every day and not touring gave me the freedom to find me and my sound again.”

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