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Bicep hits the scene with “Water” feat. Clara La San


The outstanding Irish duo’s new masterpiece has been named “Hottest Record in the World” by BBC Radio 1

Bicep presents. "Water"

After reworking his iconic track ‘Meli (II)’ a couple of months ago and in the midst of a world tour, Bicep hits the scene again with his new production ‘Water’ alongside the incredible vocals of Clara La San. Joining this release is ‘Waterfall’, an instrumental piece that gives fans a chance to hear how the ideas for the song have developed, which, over time and together, represent a new stage of his music since the release of the ‘Isles’ album.

For ‘Water’, they once again enlisted Clara La San, with whom they collaborated on Isles’ ‘Saku’ and ‘X’. The track was created specifically for the live show; however, its pulsating vibes, majestic synthesized melodies along with Clara’s mesmerizing vocal, make this an ideal piece for any time. ‘Waterfall’ on the other hand, is no less, as it has an addictive rhythmic base and is ready to take you on a unique and introspective journey.

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"Water" Track Cover
“Water” Cover

Behind ‘Water’ and ‘Waterfall’

To date, almost 1 million people have had the opportunity to see Bicep play live in 2022. One of their biggest performances of the year was at Glastonbury where they closed out the second largest stage in front of over 35,000 people. Their new collaboration with Clara was also named BBC Radio 1’s “Hottest Record in the World”. ‘Water’ and ‘Waterfall’ are available now on all platforms via Ninja Tune. Get your copy via Beatport.

Regarding this new release, Andy and Matt commented as follows:

“We always like to be open with ideas and never stick to one direction, when we play live we develop tracks and constantly tweak and change elements and we like to employ that process in the studio as well. We worked a lot with Clara and even from the first demos of “Waterfall” we had vocal sound pads to sing along with her. Both versions have the same backbone, but two totally different directions in terms of results. It’s a common thing in the studio to start on one demo and go in different directions, but we ended up liking them both so much and didn’t know which one to choose.”

Bicep playing at Glastonbury 2022
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