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Audio Junkies and Sahar Z team up on ‘Variants’ and ‘Come2gether’


Israeli dream team makes its debut with double single in Guy Mantzur’s “Moments”

Audio Junkies and Sahar Z

The eighth and anticipated release from Guy Mantzur’s “Moments” label is here. After being tested and acclaimed by thousands of people at various festivals and clubs, Audio Junkies and Sahar Z finally release the double cut ‘Variants’ and ‘Come2gether’. The fourth collaboration of the Israeli dream team brings together all the joint evolution of both producers after joining forces for the first time more than 10 years ago with ‘Beyond Detroit’.

Both artists have an impeccable trajectory and are positioned in the highest step of the progressive house scene. Exclusively for MDM, Audio Junkies told us that “both tracks were written during the pandemic”, enough proof to draw a premeditated conclusion from the title of each one. A fusion of styles pose an impeccable sequence not only of production, but also on an emotional level by two brilliant minds of music.

“Working with Sahar is always fun and inspiring, and the music always turns out special and unique.” – Audio Junkies for MDM

An insider’s look at ‘Variants’ and ‘Come2gether’

‘Variants’ represents the height of the pandemic times. There were no clubs or festivals and the rumor of increasingly deadly variants appearing that would wipe out humanity became more terrifying. “We thought it really suited the mood and energy of the track, which changes and ‘mutates’ as it moves towards its climax,” comments Audio Junkies.

‘Come2gether’ on the other hand, is shown as the sunrise. Like the arrival of a ray of hope or a new tomorrow. It’s more romantic, connected to a sort of energetic and nostalgic feeling, “a longing to get back to normal, to dance and gather on the dance floor”. Between sky-echoing chords and a heart-shattering chorus, the track is a clear representation of a better world.

Get your copy of Audio Junkies and Guy Mantzur’s double release via Beatport.

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