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Aphex Twin launches his own sound application ‘Samplebrain’

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Free sound design software now available via Gitlab

Aphex Twin

When an idea is in our mind, no matter how much time passes, we will make it happen. That’s what happened to IDM legend Richard D. James who has finally landed a concept that was 20 years in the making. In the hands of engineer Dave Griffiths, Aphex Twin has just released his own sound application ‘Samplebrain’. The free open source software translates the sounds entered into similar samples resulting in endless possibilities.

In a statement via Warp Records, Aphex mentioned in this regard, “What if you could reconstruct the source audio from a selection of other mp3/audio on your computer? What if you could build a 303 riff from just acapellas or bubbling mud sounds? What if you could sing a tune and reconstruct it from classical music files?” – Now you can with Samplebrain.

'Samplebrain' Software
‘Samplebrain’ Software

An idea that, after 20 years, came to light

The idea for this new software was born in 2022. At a time when MP3 reigned supreme and the music search application, Shazam, was born. Aphex says he contacted its founders to talk about other creative uses for the application; however, they were busy making an automatic DJ program.

The producer believes that Shazam could be repurposed for more incredible things, in the meantime, Samplebrain exists. The desire to land what he had in his head led him to find the funding for the program and the man who would start getting things going, Dave Griffiths. “I’ve had very little time to explore it properly and now the time has come to let you guys touch it too” – he adds.

Feel like digging deeper into Aphex Twin‘s new toy? Log in to Gitlab and give it a try. Again, it’s free and open source – enjoy!

Aphex Twin at Printworks 2019
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