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“Intentions”: ANNA’s ambient odyssey on the way


The announcement of Brazilian producer’s debut album is accompanied by first single “Receiving”

After 22 years of trajectory within electronic music, ANNA announces the release of her debut album “Intentions” and extracts the first single ‘Receiving’ in collaboration with Laraaji. Out of the forecast of many, the LP will be an ambient odyssey to be released next May 19th.

The Brazilian producer is mainly known for being part of the techno scene; however, she has been exploring new sounds for some years, which led her to release several ambient singles, among them: ‘Voyager’, ‘Dissolution’ on Afterlife, and her remix of Orbital’s ‘Belfast’.

Recorded at her Anaweth studio, “Intentions” will feature seven tracks reflecting “a fusion of two worlds, a dance between chaos and stillness. A space through which I navigate and in which I find my balance,” and will feature collaborations with East Forest and Laraaji, as well as include remixes from legends such as Max Cooper and Jon Hopkins.

New intentions from a deep spiritual experience

In 2017, ANNA had a powerful spiritual experience that changed her completely. While she will tell us about it in the coming days, she mentions that “It has changed my way of perceiving the world and, of course, of producing and experiencing music”, which is clearly reflected in this album.

She further mentions, “When this album came about, I was fully immersed in my career with techno music. I didn’t know if I could or should share my energy with you in such a different direction, but I knew I had to listen to my heart and let this project flow through me.”

“I was noticing more and more that the different frequencies and instruments were helping me to enter higher emotional states. I could return to that expanded state of consciousness, using the sounds, melodies and frequencies. I experimented a lot for myself and had no intention of sharing it with anyone, let alone creating an album” – adds.

Behind “Receiving” and “Intentions” concept

Under a deep connection between what is inside and what is out there, the album captures the deepest longing of the human being and the universal power of love. For her, it is also “due to a deep well of love that exists within me, and an enduring appreciation for all that we call life.”

With “Receiving”, we can literally identify the direction of the album. The meditative master Laraaji Venus Nadabrahmananda, is part of this spiritual piece that calms the troubled waters of the mind, purifies the consciousness, and forms solid layers of decisions as it adheres to our consciousness.

Regarding the single, ANNA comments: “Let yourself go. Let it be. Let it come. As it should be. Let go of the need to try and let what comes flow. Receive the totality of your experience, without controlling it. Without trying. No resisting. Just openness.”

“Set the intention to… Surrender to what is and welcome what appears.”

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