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Amtrac reveals the arrival of his third album “Extra Time”

Also, the producer has just released the single “Heard Me Right” which features a mesmerizing retro video

Alongside 2011’s “Came Along” and 2020’s “Oddysey”, American producer Amtrac announces the arrival of his third album “Extra Time” via OPENERS. In addition, he releases the fourth piece titled “Heard Me Right” with an official video.

“Extra Time” by Caleb Cornett will touch on the theme of confinement and will consist of a handcrafted fusion of delicate textures and varied styles in a sonic journey. Each single will represent the producer’s process of emotions during a time of uncertainty.

The Kentucky native based in Los Angeles has dazzled before with pieces that put him at the top of the electronic scene. You may know him for the remix of the track “When Will I See You Again” which he did for Shakka and has over 24 and 33 million streams on Spotify and YouTube respectively.

His style to connect the nostalgia of the past through vintage sounds together with his skills to experiment with innovative symphonies has led him to create anthems like ‘Never Lost’, ‘Piano Boy’, or ‘Just’. Now, all these elements and more will come together in “Extra Time” which will be released next February 3rd.

“Extra Time” Cover

Behind “Heard Me Right

“Heard Me Right” is a pure and shimmering approach through layers of synths with synth blasts that take you on a journey to a nostalgic past but at the same time, to an unexplainable future. Warm, retro notes emerge and then are accompanied by the producer’s voice that takes the piece to magical grounds.

The single features a humorous and surreal video shot in Los Angeles on a vintage videotape that reflects a late 80’s and early 90’s VCR quality nostalgia used in music television.

The video features Caleb Cornett running around LA, adding coins to parks, and dancing happily in the ‘extra time’ he has. This piece follows the other 3 previously released tracks titled ‘Domino’ featuring Samuel T. Herring, ‘Extra Time’ and ‘Contrast’ featuring Reva DeVito.

And while we wait for the arrival of the long-awaited album, Amtrac has also announced its spring tour in the United States, which includes stops in cities such as Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Chicago and Houston. Check out the list of their upcoming events here.

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