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Ameli Paul pioneer ‘Operatic Electronica’ on haunting single “Encore”


Released alongside remix from Ruede Hagelstein, ‘Encore’ is the second single to be taken from Ameli Paul’s upcoming debut album ‘Echoes of Memoria’

Following the release of their intoxicating EP “Musca” in October, German vocal electronica group Ameli Paul presents ‘Encore’, the second single from their forthcoming debut album “Echoes of Memoria” due for release in late November. Released via MEIOSIS, the operatic and electronica-influenced single is accompanied by an official video directed by Harry Delgas and a remix by Ruede Hagelstein.

A heady offering of slow arpeggiated synths, soaring vocals and intricate analog work, the album’s second single is further complemented by a passionate and somewhat triggering music video, created by Stuttgart-based director and filmmaker Harry Delgas. You can watch the powerful audiovisual performance in its entirety by swiping.

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Behind “Encore”

Continuing their incredible streak of introspective creative output and angsty self-expression, the LP’s second single sees the prolific pair further demonstrate their unique ability to connect absorbing electronic music with nuanced and versatile influences, as they fuse juxtaposed elements of operatic voice work with cutting-edge electronic palettes to mesmerizing effect.

In their performances, the appropriately titled single has also been used as the band’s final Swan Song, and has become one of the most anticipated and requested albums from their soulful live shows in recent months. Speaking about the album, Ameli Paul commented:

“Encore is an ode to vulnerability, imperfection and letting go; a call to deep emotions and purity. It’s about loving yourself and embracing your wounds and shadows.”


Ruede Hagelstein’s version

On remix duty, and making his long-awaited MEIOSIS debut, lands Berlin-based producer, singer-songwriter and DJ Ruede Hagelstein. Known for his hybrid of underground house and techno genres, Ruede’s extensive catalog of dynamic remixes and original productions has appeared on his own DUAT Records label, as well as on leading labels such as Watergate, TAU and Bedrock Records.

Now, Hagelstein adds another string to his bow by landing on MEIOSIS with a pulsating eight-minute edit that takes the original to a whole different dimension, ready for those late-night dancefloor moments.

“Echoes of Memoria” will be released on November 18. The artistically stunning record that sits somewhere between electronica, synthpop, breakbeat and operatic excursions, the Berlin-based ensemble has created a truly personal and contemporary work of art that breaks with normative conventions. To accompany the album’s November release, the duo will be supporting iconic producer Monolink on his massive European winter tour.

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