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Aldebaran returns to TAU for five-part “Danza Proibita” EP


The five-part compilation includes a remix by Damon Jee

Aldebaran returns to TAU for five-part "Danza Proibita" EP

TAU welcomes back Amico Aldebaran for an adventure of another sonic dimension with his new EP “Danza Proibita”. The new compilation features five tracks that showcase the Italian’s ability to create emotional moments on the dancefloor with style.

Beginning with ‘Fear’, featuring Laurent Wood, the single blossoms amidst an upbeat and mesmerizing rhythm. Just over two and a half minutes in, Laurent’s vocals add another level of musicality to this captivating track. The tension builds until we reach a brief breakdown, leading into an irresistible tech funk.

The EP continues with ‘Danza Proibita’, a dark cut of mysterious atmospheres and layers of warped sound. Simple yet highly effective with repeated motifs and simple arrangements, the track pulls and loosens the tension that keeps it engaging until the end.

Behind “Danza Proibita” EP

‘Inferno’ is next. With dense, rubbery drums propelling you forward, a hypnotic instrumental makes itself known with vintage sounds that evoke a 90’s Love Parade feel. This cut is bound to lure you into its web and keep you locked in throughout.

The penultimate cut is ‘ICal’, a somber single that stimulates the mind to take a journey inward while the body dances freely without thinking.

Finally, Damon Jee steps up by remixing ‘Fear’. A deeply funky hypnotic bassline seeps in while the beats pump and clap. Damon steadily builds the track, moving forward alongside Laurent’s vocals, which take on a wonderfully sensual flavor.

Aldebaran returns to TAU for five-part "Danza Proibita" EP
“Danza Proibita” EP
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