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Adam Sellouk makes his Purified debut with “Mirage” EP


The rising producer lands on Nora En Pure’s Purified label with a standout three-piece cut

Having forged a reputation in the local Tel Aviv techno scene, he has become one of the scene’s most respected talents. Now, and adding new gems to his portfolio, rising producer Adam Sellouk makes his Purified Records debut with the “Mirage” EP. A short series that will leave an indelible mark on the global dance music scene via Nora En Pure‘s label.

Adam started making music when he was only sixteen years old. Two years ago he launched his musical project and dedicated himself to finding the perfect balance between melodic, progressive, techno and house sensibilities, developing an amazing musical blend. His releases have garnered support from some of the world’s most influential artists such as ARTBAT, John Summit, Miss Monique and many more.

Behind ‘Mirage’ EP

Creating highlights in sets around the world over the past few months, the title track exudes a powerful presence with electrifying synths and commanding vocals. It has received support from artists such as John Summit and Nora En Pure, and has proven itself on dance floors from Burning Man to the Brooklyn Mirage.

‘Void’ resorts to heavy basslines and choppy rhythms, resulting in a club-ready cut that steadily grows throughout its duration. Closing with ‘Nightfall’, Adam juxtaposes twinkling keys and heavenly pads with hypnotic synths to enter an otherworldly dimension, highlighting his impeccable production skills. Get your copy via Beatport.

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